Catfish IOT

Silent. Cunning. Affordable.

First Truly Subscription* Free Cellular - GPS Tracker.

Securing Your Valuables Against Theft - Our Priority! *10 year plan or sunsetting of current Cellular technology
No monthly fees. period.

Catfish Hardware + 5 years 10 years of data included at an affordable price MSRP of 400 per unit.

Limited startup availability of 23 units at remaining, at 400300 Current Promotion will add you to an exclusive list of 100 users, We will be offering great discounts to promote growing your 'Tacklebox' of devices as we grow. Discounts will include In app Credits for tacking features. Large exclusive promotional codes for current devices and new. Exclusive community to gather feedback and suggestions.
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    Long Battery Life

    At default data rates, Catfish will last 3+ months under regular weather conditions. Charging is less than an hour. Device will update 3 times per day and paid option for Live tracking.

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    Proactive Theft Deterrent.

    Vehicles\Trailers\Boats\ATVs Can be stolen via numerous means. Attackers have 1000's of tools at their disposal, time and always will have the upper hand. Catfish levels the playing field by giving you access to an affordable tracker with no extra fees.

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    No Extra Fluff, Just Wheres My Stuff!

    Do you have an Android\IOS App?

    Right now, No. We are doing what we can to never have to sell monthly subscriptions.

    Why isn't there a subscription?

    We keep data transmission low (3\day). We do this by charging a one-time fee to increase data transmission for short periods of time. Starting at $10 for a 1 day of live transmissions on demand when you absolutely need it.

    What happens when data runs out?

    Current carriers sunsetting on LTE-m Network is unknown. We are planning for 10 years of data. If the Cellular band exists past that we will be offering extensions at the absoloute bare minimal pricing that will be determined. Right now we predict $4-7 a year for data.


Our Mission.

To protect and secure all that you worked for. Vehicles \ Trailers \ Boats \ ATVs are being stolen in record numbers. Traditional GPS tracking devices have monthly subscriptions that can run upto $25 a month or more. We are offering a savings of over 85% (At MSRP) traditional devices over 5 years and even a bigger percent in following years.

What's Next?

Currently on V1.1, New Improvements include weather-proof casing, mounting holes, improved power toggle switch, and single LED indicator.

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